Some pages we've used to find out prices, dates, and more information!

Dating Kodak Cameras A little utility I wrote allowing you to find out the month and year of some Kodak cameras via their CAMEROSITY or VHPICTURES code.
Kodak AA-13 This amazing document has pretty much all the information you need to find out original prices, dates of manufacture, and film type for Kodak cameras.
Kodak Chronology Interesting Kodak History
Camera Manual Library This site has tons of manuals for cameras, and is, for the most part, where I link to for manuals. The site is a bit of a mess, but still really useful
Brownie Camera This site has many of the manuals for Brownie cameras, and in original format, which is nice!
The Land List A rather comprehensive list of Polaroid Land Cameras with production quantities, years, and features.
Chicago Tribune 1988 Original Article about Polaroid v. Kodak Instant Film Settlement

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