Camera Eras

This page hopes to help classify the technology available to a camera developer at the time a camera was manufactured. It is an on-going work, and will be expanded upon often.

Era Era Start Era End Type
Camera Obscura Era 470 BC Present (Hipster) Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Film Plates 1850 - Storage Medium
Paper-Backed Roll Film Era 1885 1889 Storage Medium
Plastic Nitrate Film Era 1889 1951 Storage Medium
Safety Film Era 1908 Present Storage Medium
Large Format SLR 1884 Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Small Format SLR 1935 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
SLR Instant-Return Mirror 1948 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Autofocus Development Era 1960 1977 Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Autofocus Era 1977 Present Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Twin Lens Reflex Era 1928 - Lens & Viewfinder Technology
Instant Photography Era 1948 Storage Medium
Digital Development Era 1975 1987 Storage Medium
Digital Era 1988 Present Storage Medium

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